Greetings from the Ukulele Hangout at Lymington. Another great band in the area who plays for charity gigs. Our next gig is Milford School Fete on 30th June followed by the Summer Spectacular in Woodside Park Lymington on 6 August. See you there!
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I forgot to mention the occasion at Crichel House at a Conservative rally with guest speaker The Rt. Hon. Edward Heath was the speaker following a recital by the Bournemouth Concert Military Orchestra with MD Eddie Blundell. A lovely sound across the lake. This was the home of a Mrs Marten O.B.E. who went to kindergarden with Princess Margaret. She fought and won the case against the government who took over a few hundred acres of the Crichel House land for defence reasons and were digging their heels in giving it back; the Crichel Down Affair.

Subsequently I received a call from Mrs Marten to tune a 1939 Bechstein Grand not realising that I was the agent for this most wonderful occasion at her home. I rather let myself down as I was finishing the tuning she swept into the room and announced (My husband has found another piaaaano in the house!" They had been living there for 40 years, tho' in fact it was a large house.

Piano tuners can get around. Over the years I have called at Cranborne Manor, for the present Lord & Lady Salisbury, Lord Shaftesbury's Home in Wimborne St Giles, (St Giles House has now been restored).

Richard Dennison was with us for the present Lord Shaftesbury's 21st birthday celebrations at Cranborne Manor. That gig was my introduction to these country estates.


I have not gigged for many years. Today bands get together like brass bands. It is expensive and if the standard is below par, who wants to pay?

My first 10 piece gig was at the City Hall, Salisbury. Shared with Bob Miller & the Millermen ! A Great sound, but it was a high ticket affair with mature people who were not too keen to jig about! The Ronnie Fife library filled the floor, especially old time including The Palais Glide.

We were a bit of a surprise to Bob's roadie. He had already set up the stage for a 4/5 piece but I was able to get him to reset his arrangements slightly so we could do a professional changeover
without a messy break.

The last 10 piece gig was at Weymouth Pavilion for the South Dorset Conservatives with the two trumpets being Eddy Blundell, the branch chairman and Bert Jenkins on his night off from the Hammersmith Palias as Joe did not work on the Sabbath!!!! Bert and his brother Bob commuted 3 night as week at the time. Eddy normally did not do dances just theatres.

I still have the library and have updated some of the overharmonized 1920's numbers with Sibelius Soft ware with unison passages or in thirds. Effective and easy. I was recently trying to explain what Sibelius software was to a retired music teacher, but her response was "but that's cheating!!!" It is a point of view.


N.F.B.B. Did a charity show for us in June 2013 and in front of a large audience helped to raise almost �300.00 for the R.N.L.I. Everyone had a great evening .Thank you Doreen and all the members of the Band who played that night !
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